The King of Broken Hearts.

George Jones was a 12-pound breech baby, and the doctor had to break his arm to get him out. His father, a truck driver and pipefitter, sometimes chased him while in inebriated rages, but also introduced him to Grand Ole Opry on the radio, and bought him his first guitar, an inexpensive model endorsed by Gene Autry.

As a young boy, Jones began playing and singing outside the local cafe for anyone who would listen. As a teenager, Jones got a job playing guitar on a local radio show in Beaumont, Texas.

That was where he met Hank Williams, who advised the starstruck youngster not to try to imitate anyone, but to develop his own distinctive style as a performer.

Oh you pretty things… The music industry has never been a force for any type of responsibility.

The music industry has generated thousands of ridiculous hypnotized personality types. Perfect candidates for the ultimate consumers. Covered in candy and plastic, they adorn their flesh shells in response to a need for protection and proof. Safety blanket studio gangsters outside the booth. There is no medical solution for suicide.


Music industry mental health campaign is launched after Chester Bennington’s death